Fusion energy: Scientists in California carry out successful experiment, US announces ‘major scientific breakthrough’ on Tuesday

A team of scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California has made significant progress in the study of fusion energy, a way to create clean and unlimited energy that has been studied since the 1950s.

This information is being carried forward by the Financial TimesHe cites three sources with knowledge of the preliminary results of an experiment carried out in a US laboratory two weeks ago.

The experiment seems to have been successful: according to sources, it is the first time in history that researchers have been able to generate more energy than is consumed during the fusion process – a fluid called “net energy gain”.

The results of the experiment are still being analyzed, but the official source of Lawrence Livermore confirmed the good indicators: “The initial diagnosis suggests that this is another successful experiment. However, the exact return [da experiência] Still evaluating and we can’t confirm if it crossed the threshold [da net energy gain] Now,” the American company said.

At the same time, the US Department of Energy released this note: Secretary of State for Energy, Jennifer Granholm, and Assistant Secretary of the Department of Nuclear Security, will soon announce a “great scientific advance” at the California lab. Next Tuesday – fair.

As the world faces an energy crisis, many governments have stepped up investment in clean energy alternatives to fossil fuels. Recently, the White House awarded $370 billion in grants to fund research into new forms of clean energy.

“If this is confirmed, we are witnessing a historic moment,” said FT Arthur Durrell, a physicist specializing in plasmas and author of the book “The Star Builders.” .

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