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From dream to dream. A couple checks into a luxury hotel and discovers that there are no guests

At first they thought it was a joke. “It's starting to feel like an episode of 'Black Mirror'”, they say.

They felt like they were in a movie.

What started as a dream vacation turned into a strange journey. When an American couple chose the luxurious Grand Velas Hotel in Los Cabos (Mexico) to spend their honeymoon, they had no idea it would be empty. On the day the two checked in, they realized there were no guests.

The entire experience was shared by Cameron Howard, known as Freedom Hustler on the social networking site TikTok on Thursday, January 25. A video of the duo strolling through the resort's deserted corridors has gone viral and has already garnered nearly 7 million views.

“At first, it seemed like a joke, so I started recording our first day, seeing no one but the staff,” he begins. “But as you can see, as the days progressed, it started to feel like an episode of 'Black Mirror,'” he adds.

Curiosity leads Cameron to investigate the spacious hotel, hoping to find signs of life. However, whenever someone appeared without a white uniform, I realized that they were just contractors or part of the staff. “I thought it was funny until it stopped.”

As the days progressed, only two guests participated in the activities, dining at the restaurant table or relaxing on the private beach. Concerns peaked when they noticed the boys' living area, which was also strangely empty.


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At that point, many questions arise: “How does this place pay for all the lights? How can the fire burn all day and night only for us? Who pays for all this? This whole kingdom is only for us.

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Of course, once the video went viral, many filled the comment box with theories or suggestions. The most realistic of the suggestions of alternate realities or time travel could justify the fact that the visit takes place in mid-January, just after the annual festivities.

Since publication, the hotel has already commented on the topic. “Velas Resorts operates at 100 percent occupancy regardless of the number of actual guests. It's a 3-to-1 staff-to-guest ratio compared to many resorts that do the opposite,” representative Melissa Weisenbacher told the New York Post.

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