Four people died and many were injured in an alpine avalanche


French Interior Minister Gérald Dormanin has said that four people have died and many others have been injured in an avalanche on the Armanset glacier in the Alps.

The reserve made by the Haute-Savoy authorities is still “temporary” and “the rescue is still taking place,” the minister said on the social network Twitter at around 14:15 local time (one hour less in Lisbon).

The official addressed his thoughts to the “victims and their loved ones”.

The avalanche occurred at noon local time today on the Armanchet glacier in Haute-Savoie, Tormann said on Twitter.

Two helicopters and more than 20 rescue teams were deployed in the area for search operations.

The Public Ministry confirmed that four people died, one was injured and eight were rescued unharmed.

The exact circumstances of the disaster are yet to be clarified.

The Ministry of Public Affairs said that a judicial inquiry will determine the causes of the incident.

Local newspaper ‘Le Dauphiné Libére’ reported that the first warning was given at around 11:27 local time in the municipality of Les Contamines-Montjoie on the Armancette glacier when a large avalanche, 500 meters wide and 1,500 meters deep, occurred. Destroyed the area, usually overcrowded.

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