Elderly Ukrainian – Russian tanker passing the car driving the visitor

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As the Russian invasion of Ukraine approaches the country’s capital, the city is hit by missiles and surrounded by Russian elements, who are already on the outskirts of Kiev.

No war is free from immoral acts The invasion of Ukraine is no exception.

In a video Released this Friday On the social network Twitter, you can see A tank, in a residential area, crushed a civilian car – Guided by an elder. The appearance of the military vehicle is not clear. It is suspected that it may have been a Ukrainian tanker hijacked by Russian troops.

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If the vehicle is driving in the opposite direction, they can be seen for a few minutes before crossing, The tank accelerates and changes the path to hit the car. “After getting on the car”, the tank turned upside down and went back to its path.

Man, as you can see in one The second video was released On the same social website, Survived the incident. Many Ukrainian citizens gathered and a car may have been the result of a citizen trapped in a tank. With an ax and a crow, you can see many men trying to get the old man out of the car. – Although visually stunned, he showed no signs of injury.

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