“Disgusting, illegal and cruel.” Human Rights Watch Condemns Civil Torture and Execution by Russian Forces in Ukraine – News

He said the cases would take place from late February to March.

In April, HRW visited 17 villages and small towns in the Kiev and Chernivtsi regions.

“Many of the atrocities committed by Russian forces in parts of northeastern Ukraine at the beginning of the war were disgusting, illegal and atrocious,” said Georgi Kokia, the NGO’s director for Europe and Central Asia.

“These abuses against civilians are blatant war crimes and must be investigated immediately and impartially,” he argued.

The HRW interviewed 65 people from April 10 to May 10, including former prisoners, survivors of torture, families of victims and other witnesses. On the other hand, it examined physical evidence of alleged abuses and photos and videos shared by victims and witnesses.

“Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Russian forces have been involved in violating a number of war laws, including war crimes and crimes against humanity,” the NGO said, documenting even more brief executions in Pucha. Many towns and villages in the northeast of the country were occupied by Russian forces in March.

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