“Deepfake”. Fake video of Zhelensky surrendering released by “hackers” on Ukrainian television – Observer

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Computer pirates, or Hackers, Was able to put a video on the website of the Ukrainian news channel in which he announced the surrender of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky – and the pictures were broadcast live on that television channel. The video went viral on social media.Deep fake“, Video manipulated using artificial intelligence techniques.

The origin of the one – minute video – unknown – is that Zhelensky asked the soldiers and everyone else to lay down their arms and surrender. At first glance, the video may seem real, but the pronunciation does not match Gelensky’s accent and shows minor defects in head and mouth movement.

It was already expected by Ukrainian authorities that such a video would be released, and they recently aired a message Deep fakes And how the handled videos (including Russian sponsorship) can try to sow panic and confusion among citizens.

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Images were published, by HackersOn the Ukrainian 24 TV website – and, as the TV channel acknowledges, for a moment, even broadcast live.

After companies that own social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube removed the video, Zhelensky released a message in the Telegram: “We are protecting our land, our children and our families. So we have no plans to lay down our arms. Success!”

What can “wrong hands” do with artificial intelligence?

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