Deadly superbug found in pork in British supermarkets – News

Pork sold in some British supermarkets is infected with a deadly superbug, according to an investigation just published. British newspaper The Guardian.

Tests have found that more than 10% of pork products, including joints, chops and minced meat, are infected with bacteria resistant to the “last resort” antibiotics used to treat serious illnesses in humans.

A variant of the discovered superbug bacteria Intestinal disease It can cause urinary tract infections among other ailments. In more severe cases the bacteria can affect the bloodstream, heart and brain. It is already resistant to treatment with some common types of antibiotics prescribed by doctors.

Drug-resistant strains of bacteria are a significant and growing health problem in Europe, the journal writes. The new test, shared with the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and British newspaper The Guardian, says the superbug Intestinal disease England is more widespread in beef than previously thought.

A government investigation published in 2018 found the bacteria in one in 100 pieces of pork and chicken. But the new tests found it in 13 of 103 samples and found it in organic meat, even though organic farmers use fewer antibiotics on their animals.

Of the contaminated samples, 13 were resistant to vancomycin, an antibiotic of “last resort” because of its importance in treating more serious and life-threatening infections.

Tim Long, professor of food policy at London City University, commented, “These findings suggest that the use of antibiotics in some parts of the meat industry is out of control.”

The Directorate of Veterinary Medicine, the government department responsible for the use of antibiotics in livestock, clarified in a statement, “We are committed to reducing the unnecessary use of antibiotics in animals and our aim is to strengthen our national legislation in this area.”

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