Civilians were killed in the failed evacuation. The Portuguese government is inviting social partners – markets in a minute

UK: The war in Ukraine will last for many years

British Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Robb believes Putin has underestimated the Ukrainian opposition and believes the conflict could continue for years.

“We need to be clear with our allies that our goal is to ensure Putin’s defeat in Ukraine, and that it will take some time. We’ve talked about months, if not years,” Dominic Robb told Sky News. TV station.

“We must express strategic opposition because it will not end in a few days,” the British government’s Minister of Justice underlined.

According to Robbie, the invasion “proves to be more difficult than Putin expected.” “The irresponsible and outspoken tactics of the Putin regime must be tolerated,” he said.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat President Conte’s government.

Earlier, Admiral Tony Radhakin, commander of the British Armed Forces, told the BBC that Western nations “should be confident that they are doing the right thing.”

“Probably, we need to realize the escalation of violence from Russia, and we will see more indiscriminate bombings. We will see more absurd violence,” the military official said.

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