China claims that Ukraine is on the “right side” of war history

China on Thursday criticized the US for “unjustified” allegations about its relationship with Russia, saying it was working for peace and that it was on the “right side of history”.

Beijing, Moscow’s key diplomatic and economic partner, has so far refused to explicitly condemn Russia’s occupation of Ukraine.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said on Wednesday that China’s stance on Russia threatened its “integration” into the world economy.

“China has recently reaffirmed its special relationship with Russia. I hope China will do something positive in that relationship and help end this war,” Yellen said.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry on Thursday expressed its displeasure over the reports.

“We are making great efforts to defuse the situation, resolve the crisis and restore peace,” said Chinese Diplomatic Spokesman Zhao Lijian.

Zhao urged Beijing not to “distort the situation.”

“Ukraine’s sovereignty must be protected. Russia’s legitimate security concerns must be respected.”

Beijing agrees with Moscow, considering that NATO’s expansion helped launch a war in Ukraine.

China’s position on Russia contradicts the West’s position, strongly condemning military action in Ukraine and imposing sanctions on the Russian economy and leaders.

“We oppose unnecessary allegations and suspicions against China,” he said. “Time will eventually prove that China is on the right side of history,” he said.

The United States has said it is concerned about possible Chinese military aid to the Russian military or of helping Beijing and Moscow avoid Western sanctions.

China asked Western nations in early April not to “overestimate” their role.

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