Biden warns Putin: US ‘ready’ for shots beyond diplomacy

Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin Discussed this Saturday The situation in Ukraine, with an hour-long phone call. In it, the US president warns his Russian envoy that the US is “ready” for scenes beyond diplomacy. Details are being presented by various international media.

Joe Biden warned Vladimir Putin that the United States was “ready” to implement all diplomatic channels to resolve the situation in Ukraine and “equally ready” for situations other than diplomacy. According to the White House, the US president has reiterated to Russia that attacking Ukraine is “fast and costly.” Joe Biden said the Russian invasion of Ukraine would cause “widespread human suffering” and diminish Russia’s value in the world.

“The security call between President Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin ended at 12:06 p.m. [locais]”, The White House presented, regarding the conversation which ended at 17:06 in Lisbon. Biden spoke with Putin from his official residence in Camp David, Maryland, where he went on Friday afternoon. Dec. This is the first direct dialogue between the two leaders since the 30s, after Biden and Putin clarified their differences over Ukraine.

The conversation came a day after the United States They asked their citizens to leave the territory of Ukraine In the next 24 to 48 hours due to the “clear possibility” of Russia attacking Ukraine in the Winter Olympics to be held in Beijing until February 20.

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