Aurora Borealis graces Portugal’s skies – watch out, it could happen again this weekend


Yes, that’s right. A rare appearance of the Aurora Borealis painted the Portuguese sky pink.

Facebook / Rodolfo Ferreira

An aurora borealis painted Portugal’s sky pink on Friday night. And the next few days are promising. This phenomenon is repeated in the Arctic and Antarctic polar circles, but, this time, it happened in many parts of the country.

Many photographers and social media users did not miss the opportunity to capture a picture of this rare moment. At least, there are reports in Viseu, Coimbra, Guarda and Portalegre.

There is good news for the next few days: according to Jose Afonso, researcher and leader Portuguese Astronomical SocietyA geomagnetic position that makes it possible to see the auroras even at the latitude of Portugal Continue through the weekend.

“Conditions should last through the weekend. It’s a good chance to see the sky”, researcher SIC Notícias said.

According to the researcher, a significant probability (10-20%) of auroras was estimated in northern Portugal.

At the beginning of November, on the 5th, we were able to see the northern lights in Portugal. Before that, it happened in Portugal in the 1930s.

The origin of this phenomenon is an electromagnetic storm of great intensity.

The Sun has a peak activity every 11 years, waxing and waning throughout the cycle. At this time, it is experiencing a peak of activity, reached this year, which causes several eruptions on its surface, throwing large amounts of material. Along the way, they might discover Earth.

Meteorologists have predicted “colourful displays” in the Northern Hemisphere’s skies these days. There are also reports from other countries such as France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Pictures from Germany came to the SIC Notícias newsroom.

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