Anthony Blingen believes that allowing Putin common policy of ‘violating impunity’ will open the ‘box of Pandora’ to the world.

“In addition to the basic principles we established together after the two world wars, the lives of Ukrainians are in danger,” Blinken told the EU Foreign Ministers Council. Extraordinary ability. , As well as diplomatic leaders of Ukraine, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Blingen refers to the notion that “a country cannot change borders by force” or “a country cannot dictate the decisions of citizens of other countries about its future”, as well as “zones of influence”. A country subjugates its neighbors to its will.

“If we allow these policies to be violated, Putin is now doing so. Although he expressed his hope that the West would “win”, he was “in a lot of danger”.

Flinken welcomed the European reaction to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, described it as “historic” in terms of sanctions and aid to the Ukrainians, and promised that US President Joe Biden had made the effort since the beginning of its mandate. “Revitalizing” relations with the EU is “essential.”

“We are facing a war chosen by Putin together that will provoke untold, unjust and devastating consequences for the people, fathers, mothers and children. We are all committed to preventing it,” said the US Secretary of State.

In the early hours of February 24, Russia launched a three-pronged military offensive in Ukraine, including ground forces and bombings in several cities. Kiev authorities have so far accounted for the deaths of more than 2,000 civilians, including children, and according to the UN, the attacks have already caused more than a million refugees in countries such as Poland, Hungary, Moldova and Romania.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has justified “special military action” in Ukraine, with the need to militarize the neighboring country, saying that Russia is the only way to defend itself and guarantee that the offensive will last as long as necessary.

The attack was widely condemned by the international community, including the European Union and the United States, who responded by sending arms to Ukraine and strengthening sanctions to further isolate Moscow.

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