Abramovich drank poison during peace talks between Russia and Ukraine – War in Ukraine

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, a former Chelsea owner and ally of Vladimir Putin, and two Ukrainian negotiators were reportedly poisoned by an unidentified chemical agent during peace talks between Russia and Ukraine in Kiev earlier this month. ‘The Wall Street Journal’ and the inquiry site Bellingate.Abramovich and two other negotiators – one of whom was identified as Crimean deputy Rustem Umerov – had “severe irritation” in their eyes and skin on their hands and face. The Russian oligarch lost his sight for a few more hours and was taken to a clinic in Turkey, where he eventually recovered, with no serious consequences. Experts consulted by Bellingcat say the symptoms are “compatible with chemical weapons toxicity”. The toxicity used has not been identified.
The attack took place on the night of March 3-4, when Abramovich traveled to Kiev to participate in peace talks as an informal mediator. The millionaire and the two traders affected by the symptoms would be consuming only “water and chocolates”. A fourth member of the delegation ate and drank the same and showed no symptoms.Abramovich was last seen in public at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport on March 14, and showed no signs of physical problems. Experts who heard Bellingate believe that the given dose was not enough to cause serious problems, so the attack was intended to “scare”. According to the Wall Street Journal, the victims believe the attack was carried out by elements of Putin’s radical faction, which opposes peace talks.
There were reports of poisoning in Istanbul, Turkey, just hours before the new round of peace talks between Russia and Ukraine on Tuesday.

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Irbin was recaptured by Ukrainian forces
This Monday, Ukrainian troops regained control of the city of Irfin on the outskirts of Kiev, a scene of fierce fighting since the beginning of the invasion and one of the main axes of the advance of Russian forces towards the Ukrainian capital. “We have good news. The city of Irfin has been liberated,” Mayor Oleksandr Margush announced in a telegram. Irfin confirms the recapture of a counter-offensive launched by Ukrainian forces last week to drive Russian troops out of Kiev and avoid encircling the capital.

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