A six-month-old baby was mistakenly vaccinated with six doses of Pfizer covit

A lawsuit was filed in Brazil and led to the child’s hospitalization


In the Brazilian state of Sவோo Paulo, a six-month-old baby was mistakenly vaccinated with a full bottle of Pfizer’s corona virus.

According to the newspaper Status of mines, The child was vaccinated at the equivalent of six doses of the vaccine. In Brazil, children under the age of five are not yet vaccinated, so case specialists and health professionals are involved.


According to the family, who spoke to the Brazilian media, the child should have been vaccinated against meningitis, tetanus and hepatitis.

The baby’s mother said the nurse responsible for administering the doses had contacted the health monitoring team and the baby was later admitted to Das Clinicas Hospital in Ribeiro Brito.

The case took place on January 17 and the child was under observation for three days, showing signs of sore throat, fever and pain. However, the symptoms did not heal significantly and the child was discharged after hospital treatment.




To the Brazilian press, the baby’s mother says “do not be a hater” and praised the health professional’s behavior for reporting the incident immediately.

The child is at home and receiving medical treatment.

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