Zhelensky says Ukraine had “some success” in Severodonetsk, but “these are still early days” – Observer

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky presents an update on the situation in Donbass Daily newsReleased Thursday night.

Zhelensky acknowledged that the situation on the ground had not “changed significantly” over the course of the day, but wanted to remain optimistic. “We had some victories in the wars in the Chevrolet Donetsk, but those were still the early days,” said the Ukrainian president. Nearby cities such as Lysyansk and Bakmut are facing “a powerful Russian offensive,” he admitted.

The president took the opportunity to announce that bombings would continue in several cities across the country, especially in the north.

Absolutely meaningless attacks on our northern borders, especially on Chernihiv, continue from Russian territory, ”Zhelensky denounced.

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The Ukrainian president took the opportunity to applaud the EU’s decision to move forward with a ban on Russian oil, and assured that further sanctions would be in place soon. “Gradually, we will remove the Russian state from all elements of the modern economy,” Zhelensky promised. “No. LobbyIn any case, Russia will not help, “said the Ukrainian leader.

Volodymyr Zhelensky also praised the US government’s announcement that it would send more heavy weapons to Ukraine. The President said that these weapons will undoubtedly save the lives of our people and our soil. “I thank President Biden and all our American friends.”

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