Zhelensky says Russia will show its “loneliness in evil and hatred” on Victory Day – Observer

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The day before Russia’s victory in World War II was marked by “violent” bombings of a residential building in Donbass and Kharkiv and Odessa, and in a daily video message condemning Volodymyr Zhelensky in Sumi. “Like today [domingo] It’s not May 8 [o dia em que o ocidente europeu celebra o fim da guerra]. Like tomorrow [segunda-feira] May 9 is not the day when peace should be the waiting word for all ordinary people.

“If the Russian army had not been killed today – it would certainly not have been the same for any European ahead of important days,” Zhelensky says. However, Ukraine argues that the “free world” is aligned with the “free world”.The obvious contrast to loneliness in the evil and hatred of Moscow, everyone will see tomorrow”On Victory Day.

Commenting on the bombings in several cities this Sunday, he said: “Russia has forgotten everything important to the victors of World War II. But Ukraine and the entire independent world will remember it.

Zelensky also confirmed that about 60 people had been killed in an airstrike on a school in Pilohorivka, Lukansk.

The President of Ukraine also spoke about the visit of the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, who promised to strengthen aid to the country, namely the demining process – Russia “leaves thousands of mines”, says Zhelensky. Therefore, he reminds us that teaching children to identify explosives is an “urgent task”. In fact, this Sunday, he decorated a dog used by the Ukrainian military for training in demining and ammunition for children in the country.

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