YouTuber Ray Mona has revealed an American unmanned pilot in Sailor Moon

A Sailor Moon cosplayer

A Sailor Moon cosplayer
picture: Christopher Furlong (Getty Images)

For years, the collective Internet has been fascinated by the mystery of the American sailor moon pilot, which was created in the early 1990s as an attempt to market games based on sailor moon Cartoons for western kids without having to make anyone actually watch the cartoon. Pieces and pieces from America sailor moon-Call Saban Mon In the fan community because of the post power Rangers Producer Haim Saban – Your Leakd online over the yearsincluding a livestream video of what appeared to be the shocking lead single (in terms of the themes explaining the show’s intro, it makes transformers Resembles… Twin Peaks?).

A few years ago, Cecilia D’Anastasio was in Kotaku put together Fantastic investigation In what Saban Mon It was and how it came to be (almost), detailing the live-action hybrid animated series about a teenage girl who hangs out with her friends as a real person but then turns into superhero Sailor Moon to go on animated adventures. It looked awful in one word. But KotakuThe investigation revealed something interesting: a second project called Angel team compiled by some Saban Mon people to try to salvage the concept, and certain parts of it managed to reveal, but any actual evidence of Saban Mon The pilot – who, according to some accounts, was located somewhere – has apparently disappeared.

Western world of the sea moon | lost tales

but now, As I mentioned before the edgeA YouTuber named Ray Mona who specializes in uncovering seemingly lost media has found the complete, never-before-seen pilot episode of the American series. sailor moon. Ray Mona covers the entire saga in two YouTube documentary videos, exploring as much detail as possible about the failed pilot, who made him, and what happened to him, and culminates in Part Two of Ray Mona getting the approval to request copies of. Saban Mon– Related material from the Library of Congress – including the actual pilot.

The Hunt for Saban Moon: The Western World of the Seas Moon (Part 2) | lost tales

It’s so much fun Consider the history of animation, especially regarding anime’s eventual penetration into Western television (and the decision to eventually bring anime to America).

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