Young & Restless: Ashley and Diane Court Danger, Victor Ganz for Sally

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It’s been a short week for Young and restless With preemption sports on Thursdays and Fridays, and a slightly shorter Manabile box. Still, there’s a lot to talk about…


I don’t know why Elena is holding onto Nate at this point; He continues to clarify his priorities. He was so grateful to get back into her good graces, only to stand up to her in favor of hanging out after hours at the office with Victoria. I don’t even understand what he was thinking with the whole plot to bring Chancellor Winters under the Newman umbrella. Make sense! The way they got Victoria toss drinks with Nate, one has to wonder if the writers were thinking of putting them together. I didn’t notice any sexual tension between them–and you would have felt them when they were alone in the office, one would think–so, who knows?

Torn between two lovers

Adam may have been speaking the truth when he gave Sally a rundown of her relationship with Nick, but that doesn’t mean she’ll listen. He obviously caught her eye with the proposal and the speech in her suite after the fact, but he still set off such a loose air that there was no way she would change course now. Nick, for his part, does and says all the right things with his slick knight routine and makes her feel safe. But this cannot go on indefinitely. And Hedaya thinks it will happen when Victor gets wind of his sons fighting over a redhead? Nothing good. In fact, SOD I recently teased that Victor would start digging into Sally’s past! It is guaranteed that it will bring a lot of dirt. Want a reminder of what to find? take back Date Sally in pictures here.

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Chill Thanksgiving

If Ashley had more encounters with Diane, we’d have to start calling her “Clashley”…but how fun are those encounters?!? Ashley quips that Diane is so straightforward has increased, and Diane implores Ashley to wake up and realize Tucker is using her… just as Jack comes in and slams the door to break her in. The Abbotts’ Thanksgiving is then a blast with Diane arriving like a lead balloon, whispering and downing drinks, and Jack making everyone – including Diane, who has declared herself part of the family much to Ashley’s great irritation – take a turn in giving thanks. Luckily, we got the soapy jitters And the Emotion is ripped when Ol ‘Smilin’ rips while serving toast. I’m ready for this feud to rise another notch with all the stakes foreshadowed and Ashley declaring to Tucker that “it’s time to bring that bitch down”. The look on his face indicated that he was having fun All who is this.
Tucker Ashley Y & R

Thanksgiving inspiration

Sharon’s week off consisted of helping Chelsea, Noah breaking down on her over Audra’s miscarriage, and Maria and Tessa revealing that their adoption had failed. More on that next week. Finally, Sharon’s annual Crimson Lights homeless feeding event kicked off with a house full of helpers and a long line of people in need. And amid the aforementioned matters, there was a little warmth when Johnny sat down with Chelsea.

This is banana

My favorite event this week was the return of Daniel. Lily lit up like a Christmas tree in his presence…and it was as if someone had turned the dimmer switch to “off” when he left it in Billy’s company. Later, Daniel admits to Phyllis, who is overjoyed to see him, that he and Heather are on the rocks. do not say that?!? Fittingly, he also has a business idea and tells Summer in the preview that he wants to work with Chancellor-Winters. With Lily and Lily’s connection in Crimson Lights, the writing is on the wall in fluorescent red spray paint – Lily and Daniel are back together. Oh, and for those of you wondering about them dressing up like fruit while jogging together, see:
Daniel Lily Fruit Y&R Fashion

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Victor knows it all and sees it all, except when it comes to Abby, who manages to knock his socks off by announcing that she and Chance were on the rocks and that she won’t be coming to the ranch for Thanksgiving. Just wait until he confronts Chance with his, “What have you done to my daughter?” Rotten, only to discover that it was Abby who did it for him Wrong – wronged – wronged! Meanwhile, all the talk is about who will be Chance’s next love interest. See what might be evidence here.

This is just my opinion. Leave your thoughts on The Young and the Restless in the comments section below and have a safe and happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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