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First it was July 17, then 19. Russian air defense forces shot down two warplanes in Ukraine, not the aircraft of the opposing forces, but the Russian Federation. oh confidential It claims to be two of the most advanced aircraft of the Russian Navy.

According to Forbes, a fighter jet was shot down last Sunday in the city of Alchevsk in the Russian-controlled Luhansk region. “The air defense group of the allied forces destroyed a target in the sky over Alsevsk,” Russian war correspondent Yevgeny Podupny wrote in a Telegram, as cited by Forbes, which showed ten Su-34M advancing in a video he posted on Twitter. Delivered to Russia by manufacturer Sukhoi. According to ABC newspaper, each will cost about 35 million euros.

The Su-34M can attack targets at a range of 900 kilometers and carry 12 tons of bombs and missiles. According to the UK Ministry of Defence, the aircraft performed less well than expected in the conflict and are used to carry bombs that require aircraft to fly at low altitudes to reach the target – which allowed Ukrainian forces to shoot down eleven of these aircraft.

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El Confidential, citing Podubny, says the cause could be a system failure or a lack of coordination.

On July 19, El Confidential adds that the Su-35 crashed, an even more expensive plane that cost about 83 million euros, although Ukrainian forces claimed to have shot down the plane. in this situation, According to ForbesThe target would be a US-supplied rocket to Ukraine.

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