Who is the (still) voice of protest in the Azovstal factory “Bird of Steel”? – Viewer

On May 9, soldier Nick Mark, imprisoned in Auschwitz, posted a video on Facebook asking about the success of Ukrainian pop music. “Spy Sophie Sama” (“Sleep Alone”) Scriab’s band. The theme was sung by a red-haired, blue-eyed young woman pretending to be a soldier armed guitar.

Sometimes what you want to hear happens
Things you never knew,
It pulls your hand into one place
Where do you think it is better not to have eyes? ”

Earlier, on May 5, Nick Mark Shared Trembling video recorded in the dark with a gun to the chest of the same soldier. That sang “Parade of Ukrainian Nationalists”Anthem of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and is now considered a patriotic song, newspapers such as the Italian courier della Serra Call Ukrainian “Bella Xiao”In reference to the anthem of the Italian anti-fascist struggle.

Read two verses, “We were eaten up by the pain of losing Ukraine / We were eaten up by the wrath and evil of our enemies”.

Ruins and fights are enough for us,
He would not dare to wage war against a brother!
Under the blue and yellow flag of freedom
Let’s put all our great men together, “reads another quartet.

The voice of Catherine, who listened attentively to the allies, He completed his music studies last year and joined the Ukrainian army. 21 years old and Living in a food-deprived environment that requires medical attentionIs revered as “Bird of Steel” By Cybernets.

The soldier was born in the village of Sosnivka in western Ukraine. Second He is known to have a fascination with the Daily Mail, Ukrainian history, creativity and the arts – he wrote songs and published poems in a newspaper. After completing his singing studies at an art college in Ternopil, Went to work at a motorcycle shop in Kiev.

He gave up music for another career that filled his soul. She can go put on makeup DatesBut instead choose a machine gun and camouflage. Caterina has a very strong spirit – a warrior who is not afraid of a drop in her blood.

When he lived in the capital, he attended protests. “She was severely beaten once during a parade, but she never gave up.“Valentia Banasuk, a friend, insisted,” The Bird of Steel “told Valeria that it planned to join the fight against Russian-backed separatists in the Donbass region in the spring of last year.

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After taking a course in medicine, Katrina He told his parents he worked at the hospital Do not worry about them. As his talent spread on social media and social media, he soon emerged from anonymity and now, he can no longer hide whose face he is. “Surrender is not an option”.

Azov battalion says Ukrainian government ‘failed’ to protect Mariupol

Knowing that there was no limit to Catherine’s desire to protect the bicolor flag did not diminish the surprise among her friends. “I was shocked. I would never have guessed that she was in MariupolPanasuk concluded.

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