“We Palestinians have been living under terror on a daily basis for 56 years.” Interview with the Representative of Palestine in Portugal

“I think Aggression is the highest form of terrorism. We Palestinians have been living under occupation for 56 years, under terror, daily. I have never known justice or peace in my life,” lamented Abusnight.

“So there is a conflict that started 75 years ago, we have been in occupation for 56 years and nothing has been done. Do they expect the Palestinians to receive their freedom in the mail? They should fight for freedom And, unfortunately, there are civilians who die in the process.

Asked if he condemned Hamas’ intervention, the head of the Palestinian embassy replied that he condemned “all the deaths.” “Look at Gaza today: families uprooted, bodies in plastic bags, people unable to bury them, children without medicine. They cut off water and electricity,” he asserted.

“Israel closed Rafah, the only exit, to prevent any medical or other aid from reaching Gaza. What do they call that?”

“Palestine issue is America’s domestic issue”

The representative pointed out that it was not necessary for the Palestinian people to support Hamas and emphasized the importance of democracy.

“Hamas felt that our approach was not the best, so it chose another. Like you in Portugal we believe in democracy. “All parties disagree with each other, but sometimes democracy prevails, and that is the case with Hamas,” he explained.

Regarding Western reactions to the conflict, Nabil Abusnaid condemned the fact that “the Israelis who are destroying Gaza now have an aircraft carrier from the United States to protect them.” And he left a question to the US secretary of state: “When you talk about the security of Israel, you have to specify where the security should be; Will it be in the occupied territories?”“Why can’t this conflict be ended? All the conflicts in the world were ended by human activities, because conflicts are caused by human beings”, Abuznaid highlighted.

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For a diplomat, “The Palestinian issue is a domestic issue in America: winning elections, gaining support lobby Jewish”. And he believes that “the United States is the only actor that can bring peace to the Middle East.”

Abusnait also used the example of Antonio Guterres, who “continues to call for an end to this conflict and says that the Palestinians have already suffered too much”.

Portugal’s parliament “extremely excited”

Regarding the colors of the Israeli flag on the facade of the Portuguese parliament, the official opined that “the political leaders were very excited when they learned that 40 children were killed and women were raped.”

“It was really upsetting, but it was confirmed That is not true. Even the Israelis have not confirmed this fake news”, he recalled, an Israeli Foreign Ministry source told AFP on Wednesday that he could not confirm such facts.

However, Abusnoit said. He thanked the Portuguese government “for its stance in support of the Palestinians all these years”..

Palestine’s representative in Portugal believes that the coming period will be “painful for all” and that the only solution is to “stop this war”.

“There are no winners in wars. I think wars bring more destruction, but there are always excuses for wars and their heroes. The best thing is to have heroes of peace”, he argued.

Finally, he left a promise: “Palestinians will not replace Israel. We accept coexistence with Israel in a small part of Palestine, 22 percent of historic Palestine. What better offer do the Israelites want from us?”He questioned.

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