War in the Middle East. The evolution of the conflict between Israel and Hamas

“Deliberately cutting off civilians from food, water and fuel and deliberately preventing people from reaching them uses hunger as a weapon of war, which inevitably has a deadly impact on children.”The NGO warned citing several cases of children and families without access to water, shelter and food for days on end.

The NGO “calls on the international community to ensure an immediate and firm cease-fire and the government of Israel to reverse the conditions that have made a humanitarian response practically impossible, including direct access to the entire Gaza Strip. Business inside Gaza,” reads a statement posted on the organization’s website.

“Hunger should never be used as a method of war”Save the Children reports “several reports from collaborators of families without food, shelter, water or sanitation for days, including in al-Mawasi’s so-called ‘safe zone'” .

The report also pointed out that the continuous displacement of residents of Gaza at the behest of the Israeli military “is pushing civilians into deadly ‘safe areas’, which further endanger civilians and are forced into those areas. They cannot be accommodated or guaranteed basic services, where they are constantly attacked”.

The NGO cited the World Health Organization as saying that the rise in diseases caused by lack of access to food and clean water was more dangerous than the bombings, and lamented that Gaza’s children were caught “between bombings, hunger and disease.”

Earlier this month, the United Nations said 7,700 children under the age of five were severely malnourished, and it was also cited in a separate report. In Gaza, they admitted to going without food for at least 24 hours, with nearly a fifth having gone more than ten days in the past month.

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The Hamas organization today released a global tally of 17,490 people killed in Israeli bombings against the Gaza Strip.

Israeli officials said 1,200 people were killed in an unprecedented attack by Hamas on Israeli soil on October 7.

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