Van der Leyen predicts Russian default, Medvedev warns of European impact

“The bankruptcy of the Russian state is a matter of time,” Ursula van der Leyen declared. The official said Sanctions hit Russian economy hard, “week by week”அதுவா “Exports of goods to Russia fall by 70 percent”.“Hundreds of big companies and thousands of professionals have left the country. Russia’s GDP is projected to fall by 11 percent, according to current estimates. “

“The Default Russia may take Default In a telegram shortly afterward, former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev became one of the closest people to Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

“Both moral and, most possibly, material. The financial system of the European Union is not very stable and the confidence of the people is declining. Even in the memorable 2008 it did not shake much, and then it was very hard, “Medvedev continued, referring to Ursula van der Leyen as” European aunt “.

“Wait for the powerful gratitude of ordinary Europeans for the high inflation, which cannot be blamed on the bad Russians, for the lack of basic supplies in the shops and the arrival of refugees, which will trigger waves of violence worse than the Albanian crime.”The Russian politician continued.

“Then, in the streets of well-maintained European cities, tires will burn in memory of the heroes of the Maidan,” he concluded, referring to the most iconic square in Kiev.

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