US says Kiev is using cluster bombs ‘correctly and effectively’

The United States on Thursday defended that Ukraine Using cluster bombs Washington offered to support Ukrainian forces’ offensive against Russia “adequate and effective”.

“They are using it appropriately and effectively and really affecting Russia’s systems and defensive maneuvers.”White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby underlined in a virtual press interview.

Countries have condemned the US decision

On July 7, despite criticism from Germany and other countries, the Americans announced the use of cluster bombs. Human Rights Watch (HWR)Due to concerns about the impact of this weapon on the public.

The bombs were included in a new $800 million military aid package. (about 719 million euros at current exchange rates), which includes other weapons, air defense missiles, Stinger anti-aircraft systems and ammunition for Patriot anti-aircraft systems. On July 13, the Pentagon confirmed that these bombs were already on the territory of Ukraine.

US condemns attacks on Ukrainian ports

Kirby took the opportunity Thursday to reiterate U.S. condemnation and concern over Russian attacks on Odessa and other Ukrainian ports.

After concluding a deal to export Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea, Russia said this week that it considers all ships bound for Ukrainian ports to be potential weapons carriers and therefore potential legitimate military targets.

Wednesday night, Russia attacked Odessa for the third day in a rowAnd in the Mikolayiv region of southern Ukraine, cruise missiles and suicide drones killed at least two civilians and wounded 27 in both provinces.

Russia destroyed infrastructure in Odessa

Already in Tuesday morning’s attack, Russia destroyed infrastructure at the ports of Odessa and Chornomorsk – two parts of the grain deal – destroying 60,000 tonnes of food to be exported to China.

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The spokesperson of the National Security Council has indicated this Washington is monitoring the situation “very closely”. He warned that Russia could use covert operations, including false flags, to justify attacks and blame Ukraine.

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