United Airlines announces that non-vaccinated employees with waivers can return to work

United Airlines He announced that unvaccinated employees who previously received a vaccination exemption will be able to return to their jobs in late March.

A memo sent to United Airlines employees Thursday morning states that employees who have been granted medical or religious exemption and taken unpaid leave can return to their positions on March 28.

The company fired about 200 people in October for failing to comply with a vaccine mandate for employees. According to a United Airlines spokesperson, those who were fired did not seek an exemption.

Kirk Limscher, United Airlines’ vice president of human resources, wrote in the note that coronavirus cases and hospitalizations are expected to decline.

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United Airlines has announced that unvaccinated employees will be able to return to their jobs in late March. (iStock / iStock)

“We expect the numbers of COVID cases, hospitalizations and deaths will continue to decline nationally over the next few weeks, and accordingly, we plan to welcome back those employees who have been discharged under approved clearance [reasonable accommodation] to their regular locations starting Monday, March 28.

Limacher said in the memo that the company will reevaluate initial safety calls if another type of coronavirus emerges.

“Of course, if another variant emerges or trends in COVID suddenly reverse course, we will reassess appropriate safety protocols at that time,” Limscher wrote.

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The announcement comes after the US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in February that a federal judge in Texas must reconsider an injunction that a group of United Airlines employees sought against the vaccine mandate. According to CNBC, the judge initially upheld the mandate.

United Airlines Filed a request to dismiss the appeal over the new policy it implemented regarding the return of unvaccinated employees to work, according to the report.

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Paris, France – A United Airlines Boeing 777 at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) in France. Boeing is an aircraft manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington. (istock)

“In light of these changing circumstances, the plaintiffs’ initial warning request is insignificant, and this court must invalidate the panel’s opinion and dismiss the appeal,” United Airlines said in the court note.

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