Understanding the Conflict (XXXVII): Vague China and deceptive Russia

Five points to understand what is happening in Eastern Europe – and what could change in the lives of all of us.

1 – Chinese misconceptions

At the EU / China summit, the EU warned Beijing against allowing Moscow to circumvent sanctions in response to the invasion of Ukraine. At the meeting, China promised that Ukraine would seek peace, but “in its own way.” Earlier today, the Chinese diplomat assured that the Beijing government was not deliberately avoiding sanctions against Russia. A day after the virtual meeting between China and the EU, Chinese Foreign Ministry Director General for European Affairs Wang Ludong said China was contributing to the global economy by conducting normal trade with Russia. “China is not a part of the crisis in Ukraine. We do not think our regular trade with any other country should be affected.” There is a risk of compromise in the industrial chain and globalization. And the economy too. Order.Wang Ledong said Ukraine, Iran and other countries were “points of cooperation” and not friction. And China is also opposed to NATO’s expansion. Chinese diplomacy accused Washington of inciting war in Ukraine and said NATO should have been disbanded after the collapse of the Soviet Union. “As the culprits and key provocateurs of the Ukraine crisis, the United States has led NATO’s five-step eastward expansion over the past two decades. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said. “The number of NATO members increased from 16 to 30, and the federation expanded eastward, covering a further 1,000 kilometers, gradually diverting Russia, against a wall, to places near the Russian border.” This indicates that Beijing has a vision of joining Moscow – and has not failed to create a kind of indirect support for Russia’s position on preventing Ukraine from entering NATO.

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2 – Metzola in Kiev unites Europe with the struggle of the Ukrainians

Roberto Metzola went to Kiev with Selensky and the Ukrainian delegation to acknowledge that Europe was with Ukraine and that this was a struggle not only for the Ukrainian people but for all those who would defend European values. Metzola was the first representative of a European company to travel to Ukraine since the start of the Russian invasion on February 24. The Maltese leader was clear in pointing to the goal of Russian gas zero in Europe. The sudden visit of the President of the European Parliament was a “powerful signal of political support,” said Denis Schmidt. Metzola spoke with the Ukrainian Prime Minister in Kiev about the need to “go further” on sanctions against Russia to stop Ukraine’s “unjust and unacceptable” military invasion. The Ukrainian prime minister assured Metzola that his country was “fully prepared for the next step on the path to the EU” and thanked for “global assistance” in financial, military and humanitarian aid. Metzola stressed: “The regression and courage of the Ukrainians has inspired the world. I am in Kiev to deliver the message of hope. We are with you. We will help rebuild your cities and villages once this illegal, unprovoked and unnecessary war is over. We will now provide further financial, military and humanitarian assistance.” Will increase ”.

3 – The Mystery of Belgorod

The Russian Defense Ministry has accused Ukraine of being the mastermind behind two Ukrainian Mi-24 helicopters that occupied Russian airspace at low altitudes. The Ukrainian government has denied the allegations. The missiles, launched by the Mi-24, struck a petroleum storage depot for civilian transport on the outskirts of Belgorod, near the Russian-Ukrainian border, causing a major fire. Belgorod is located about 30 kilometers from the Ukrainian border and 70 kilometers from Kharkiv, the most important city in eastern Ukraine besieged by the Russians. In response to the Ukrainian invasion of Russian territory, the Kremlin announced This incident will affect the negotiations To end the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is the first such attack, as Russia has repeatedly claimed that it was carried out by the Ukrainian air force. The Ukrainian denial was made in these ways: “Ukraine cannot be held responsible for all the errors, disasters and events that take place on Russian territory. “Currently, the Ukrainian government is taking defensive measures to thwart Russian military occupation of Ukraine.” Although no casualties were reported in the attack, about 50 people were evacuated. Emergency services said the fire spread to eight tanks with a capacity of 2,000 cubic meters each.

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4 – “Great wars” near Kiev

Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko has revealed that “massive” wars are being waged in the north and east of the Ukrainian capital. “The risk of dying (in Kiev) is very high, which is why I advise anyone who wants to come back to wait a while.”Clichy, quoted by Reuters, appealed.

The governor of the Kiev region said yesterday that Russian forces were retreating in some areas around the capital, but strengthening positions in others.

5 – Let’s look at the mycelium

Once the connection with Donbass was made by Mariupol, reaching Odessa to close the southern corridor was one of the main Russian objectives.

In this sense, it is important to understand whether in the coming days Russia’s military plan will try to control Odessa. Currently, Ukraine’s third largest city, largest port and many of Ukraine’s most beautiful cities are highly protected.

Ukrainian troops were able to stop Russian progress in the Gershon region. At least 10 villages will be liberated and re-occupied by Kiev. It remains to be seen whether Russian troops will be able to cross the Kersan and head south into Mykoliv – the last Ukrainian defense before Odessa. At least 27 people have been killed in a Russian attack on an administrative building in Mykolayiv.

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