Ukrainians are “atheists” and Moscow “protects the oppressed”. Recommendations of New Russian Propaganda Manuals – Spectator

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In its sixth month of Russia’s “special military operation” (as Moscow has defined the war from the start) in Ukraine, the Kremlin has released new propaganda manuals in which public television channels suggest taking the Ukrainian character a step further. The government is “sinister” instead of “atheist” and “Nazi”.

“Ukrainians have no morals; They do not think in these terms because they are truly wicked. They do not fear the divine punishments they will face for their atrocities.“, suggests one of the manuals, It is quoted by Medusa.

Moscow also maintains that the Ukrainian military is using women and children as “human shields” to “commit sacrificial and ritual killings”. In According to El Confidential newspaperRussia adds “fight against atheists” to invasion objectives – Those who “believe in nothing” are described as “transgressors, thieves, and murderers.”

The second of the handouts, published in early July, suggests drawing analogies between the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February this year and the “Baptism of Rus” in 988 or the Battle of the Neva in 1240.

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“Baptism of Rus” refers to the baptism of the people of Kiev after Volodymy the Great, ruler of Kievan Rus, converted to Orthodox Christianity. According to Medusa, the Battle of the Neva refers to the event in which Prince Alexander of Novgorod is believed to have defeated Swedish invaders on the banks of the Neva River.

According to these two manuals, the Russian invasion of Ukraine was a “preventive” measure to protect the country from a “collective” West that was attacking Moscow and demanding resources.

This August, a third Russian propaganda manual was released by the Kremlin Specially prepared for the anniversary of Germany’s declaration of war against the Russian Empire in 1914.

The manual argues, According to Medusa, Russia was “drawn” into a military conflict by the West to protect its “brotherly people” because it “will not abandon its own” and “protects the oppressed”. According to the Kremlin, the West starts wars out of “colonial ambitions.”

After 2014 (the year it annexed Crimea), Moscow “recommends” the media to tell people that the West started “sponsoring” the “hatred of Russians and the desire to kill Russians”. By “false” ideologies and “Russophobia”.

A third manual makes two predictions: a “wave of anti-Americanism” will spread around the world, the United States will “find not only military allies, but also trading partners” and “a new world order” that will be “just and secure” “following the end of the war in Ukraine. This new order, the Kremlin, According to, “Russia’s Mission on the International Stage.”

Russian propaganda manuals are produced Think tank Institute of Social Research Specialists, near the Kremlin. The connection of the invasion of Ukraine in world history, for the first time, was not made in the guides. Earlier, the Russian President Vladimir Putin has compared his policy to that of Tsar Peterbig

Putin likens his policy to that of Tsar Peter the Great. “I didn’t take anything, I was cured”

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