“Ukraine will be a very unpleasant surprise” – observer

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This is a quick change. On Monday, retired Colonel and television commentator Mikhail Kodaryonok criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin’s wartime strategy. This Wednesday afternoon, on the Russian state television show, The army was completely changed The speech expects a “very unpleasant surprise” for Ukraine.

Michael Kodaryonok referred to Russia’s attacks on American howitzers in Ukraine and speculated that they would continue to be a target for Russian forces “in the future.” “They will be searched, found and attacked,” the Reserve Colonel promised, adding that soon they would only be “memories”.

The Colonel assured that this goal would be “achieved” and addressed the news of Ukraine’s victory against Russian forces.“It simply came to our notice then – And there are actually rumors too – it is [a Ucrânia] The counterattack is said to have been a great success, “said Michael Kodaryonok, who described the rumors as” invalid “.

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To prove the defeat of the Ukrainian forces, the Reserve Colonel recalled the plan of the Snake Islands. Mikhail Kodaryonok pointed out that Ukraine must achieve “air supremacy” and that in the “coming months” it will be impossible for the “Ukrainian Armed Forces” to achieve such a feat.

In addition, in the naval area, the officer discredited Ukraine: “They must gain naval dominance”, especially in the Black Sea, “beyond question”. “In the best case scenario, it would take years or even decades to do that.”

“So when they talk about the potential of Ukraine’s counter – offensive, it’s a big exaggeration.” Michael Kodaryonok pointed out that he believed in the success of the Russian attack. He predicted that in the future, Ukraine would be “in for a very unpleasant surprise.”

“How much we hate to admit this, the whole world is against us.” Russian Colonel Reserve condemns Putin’s strategy on state television

These statements contradict what Mikhail Koderionok said on Monday: “They [os ucranianos] Have to fight until the last man. Ultimately, success on the battlefield is determined by the high level of morale among the staff.He is a bloodthirsty man for ideas he is ready to fight for.

On Monday, the retired colonel admitted, “The main drawback of the Russian military-political position is that, in a sense, we are in complete geopolitical isolation, and we hate to admit that practically the whole world is against us.” “The situation will obviously get worse”, On Monday he argued in anticipation of a scene in which “one million Ukrainian soldiers are armed”.

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