Ukraine Supreme Court Chief Arrested for Taking 2.6 Million Euros in Bribes – Executive Digest

The head of Ukraine’s Supreme Court was arrested this Monday as part of an anti-corruption operation and is suspected of accepting more than 2.6 million euros in bribes.

This information was presented by various Ukrainian media, citing the report on the results of the special anti-corruption office of the Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine.

According to The New Voice of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Supreme Court announced on May 16 that it would convene in an extraordinary session to discuss “matters related to Vsevolod Knyazev.”

Serhii Leshchenko, an adviser to President Zelensky, said in a telegram that the National Anti-Corruption Office and the Special Anti-Corruption Office of the Prosecutor’s Office “documented the receipt of 2.6 million euros in bribes to the President of the Supreme Court.”

The special prosecutor’s office said in a news release that it had “discovered a major corruption scheme at the Supreme Court, particularly regarding the court’s chief receiving illegal income”, but declined to name those involved in the scheme or confirm any arrests. Vsevolod Knyazev.

Vsevolod Knyazev has been in office since 2021, having previously been a judge and secretary of that court, on the body since 2017.

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