Ukraine dismantles Russian “espionage network” in Kharkiv Here are the pictures

oh Ukraine’s security service dismantled a Russian “espionage network” in Kharkiv, detaining four people, it was announced this Monday.

“The criminals collected information from the security forces about the geo-locations of security areas and the movement routes of convoys of military equipment. [da Ucrânia]including rail”, officials said in a statement.

And they continued: “Among the special tasks of the enemy agents was the collection of incriminating material about the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine present in the front-line areas of the region. Russian intelligence paid a lot of ‘attention’ to the existing personnel of the local military commissions and military medical commissions. The attacker recruited them and specialized against Ukraine. This information was also needed to prepare the measures.”

The same note also stated that these Russian agents monitored the “effects of Russian airstrikes in Kharkiv” and then sent “reports to the occupiers”.

In addition to the four detainees, Ukrainian authorities discovered that the network’s operations were remotely led by a former resident who fled to Russia as soon as the invasion broke out. There, he hired four acquaintances, “including a taxi driver and an employee from a local gas distribution company.”

During the raid, Ukrainian authorities seized computers and cellphones, as well as three hand grenades.

Actions are underway to “identify all members of the Russian agency and bring to justice a resident in hiding in the Russian Federation.”

Check out pictures of the action in the gallery above.

Launched on February 24, the Russian military offensive in Ukraine has already displaced more than 14.6 million people, according to the latest UN data, which ranks the refugee crisis as Europe’s worst since World War II. (1939-1945).

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The agency confirmed that more than 9,614 civilians have died and 27,149 have been injured since the start of the war, however, highlighting that these numbers are much lower than the actual numbers.

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