UK spy agency releases 'puzzles' for new recruits

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'Budhir' is aimed at people “Think and see the world differently” and Launched as part of a recruitment campaign to mark the agency's debut on LinkedIn.

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The UK's largest intelligence, security and cyber agency, GCHQA 'puzzle' was launched to test skills and attract new recruits.

According to Sky News'Budhir' is aimed at people “Those who think and see the world differently”The marking was launched as part of the recruitment campaign An introduction to the agency on LinkedIn.

The 'puzzle', which refers to the historical relations of agency to code breaking, It asks people to identify 13 people in the picture Elements representing the letters of the alphabet To reveal a hidden message.

In a statement, the 'puzzle' created by GCHQ artist Justin Eagleton, Designed to attract people “It will bring a new perspective to problem solving”.

Intelligence Agency, now based in Cheltenham. It is best known for its operations during World War II.

According to the agency, creating a LinkedIn page is an effort “Recruit a mixed mind to tackle the toughest challenges facing the UK and combat real-world and online threats from nation-states, criminal groups, terrorists and individuals.”

According to Anne Keast-Butler, director of GCHQ, the agency needs it “The Right Mixture of Mind” To overcome the challenges of a complex world.

“For us, it's about bringing in people with different backgrounds, different experiences, different insights, different knowledge and creating a team where we can all do our part. For us, it's clear that this diversity is mission critical,” Geist-Butler said.

“So we're on a journey to make sure we reach out and connect with people who might never have thought about working with us. Launching LinkedIn is a way to start showing a little more about the work we do and some of the incredible people who work at GCHQ,” he assured.

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