Travis Scott Stopes Coney Island 4th of July party after partygoers hang dangerously from the truss

Ten people died Friday at the Travis Scott Music Festival in Houston, Texas, and the victims’ ages ranged from 9 to 27.

John Hilgert, 14

John Hilgert, 14

John Hilgert, of Hunters Creek Village, was identified as one of the dead at the ceremony Saturday by officials at Memorial High School, where he was a freshman.

Hilgert attended Friday’s party with his longtime friend Robbie Hendrix, 15.

Henrdix’s mother, Tracy Faulkner, bought her son a ticket for his birthday and “finally regrets the decision.”

“Everything that night was a tragedy,” Faulkner said. Houston Chronicle. “They were in the same place at the same time and one came home and the other we’ll never see.”

She said that Hilgrit and Hendrix had known each other for years and played football together.

John was a good student, athlete, and very polite. He was the sweetest and smartest young man.

Briana Rodriguez, 16

Briana Rodriguez, 16

Briana Rodriguez, 16

Briana Rodriguez was a high school dancer and rookie. On Saturday, her family confirmed that she was one of the eight victims who died.

A GoFundMe account set up by her family described her as a “beautiful and vibrant 16-year-old”.

Dancing was her passion and now she is dancing her way to the pearly gates of paradise.

Jacob Yurink, 20

Jacob Eurnick attended the concert with his best friend Franco Patino when they were run over to death. The couple grew up in the same city of Naperville, Illinois.

A friend, named Anna Lisa Marie, was distraught at the death of Goernik, who was studying art and media at Southern Illinois University, and traveled to Houston with Patino to celebrate Gorenick’s birthday.

“I have lost all respect for Travis Scott,” she wrote on Twitter.

What happened was absolutely disgusting. RIP to all who lost their lives. To Jacob Jurinek, Baby will miss you. Thank you for all the laughs.

My condolences to all the families who lost lives.

Franco Patino, 21

The University of Dayton confirmed to that student Franco Patino of Naperville, Illinois, attended the concert in Houston on Friday.

The Mechanical Engineering Technology major has participated in several extracurricular subjects on campus and most recently worked on a co-op in Mason, Ohio.

University President Eric F. Spina extended his condolences and prayers to Patino’s loved ones and the campus community.

Patino’s fraternity, Alpha Psi Lambda, also offered its condolences to his friends and family.

“It is with a very sad heart, Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc., shares that our brother, Franco ‘Cuauhocelotl’ Patino, has moved to Omega Chapter,” the organization wrote on Facebook.

Our condolences go out to his family, friends, Alpha No Chapelle, and everyone else involved in this loss. I hope his memory will be eternal.

The college senior joined the University of Dayton fraternity branch last year.

Patino (left) and Gorenick grew up in the same Illinois town and were good friends

Patino (left) and Gorenick grew up in the same Illinois town and were good friends

Axel Acosta, 21

Edgar Acosta on Monday held a news conference with Texas attorney Tony Busby to announce a lawsuit has been filed over the death of his son, Axel Acosta, who traveled from Washington to attend the festival — his first concert.

Axel Acosta, 21

Axel Acosta, 21

“They need to change things in this kind of event,” he said.

Today it was me. I lost my son. It could have been you, Acosta said.

When you send your kid to have some fun, because someone else isn’t doing the right thing…I don’t know I can explain. Correct warranty.

“Because it’s not the first time he’s been in the big events, is it?

You can go to Disneyland and have fun. You can go to baseball and have fun. Because they have the right security, the right people, and some people helping the injured.

‘hard to explain.’

Rodolfo Rudi Peña, 23

Peña, of Laredo, Texas, died of cardiac arrest after being hit on the show.

He was a medical assistant and criminal justice specialist with aspirations to become a model and dreams of one day being a US Border Patrol agent.

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“What happened this past weekend is a direct consequence of what happens when the pursuit of financial gain and fame takes precedence over protecting innocent lives,” Al Maraz Law Firm, representing Binas, said in a statement.

It is a testament to the current state of live events and the greed that prevails in the industry.

No one should feel insecure when enjoying something they love, and unfortunately that is exactly what happened.

We pledge to work diligently and responsibly to bring justice to the Peña family and all those affected, and we will not rest until these voices are heard loud and clear.

We will hold the responsible parties accountable and fight to ensure that something positive comes out of this unmitigated disaster. Something must change. Something will change.

Rodolfo Rudi Peña, 23

Rodolfo Rudi Peña, 23

Madison Dubisky, 23

Madison Dubisky of Cypress, Texas, was the eighth and final victim identified on Monday.

A former Ole Miss student was snatched from her brother Ty, who tried to pull her to safety, in a sudden surge and disappeared into the crowd.

Dubisky studied at the University of Mississippi between 2016 and 2017 and worked in advertising and marketing. She attended Cy-Fair High School, where she cheered on varsity and is a member of the National Charitable Association, a community service organization for mothers and their daughters in middle and high schools.

Friends said her mom, Michelle, was her best friend and that she was very close to Tay, who graduated from Cy-Fair in 2019.

Madison Dubisky, 23

Madison Dubisky, 23

Danish Paige, 27

Basil Mirza Beck took to Facebook on Saturday to announce the death of his brother Danesh Paige, also on Astroworld.

“My brother was killed in this terrible event that was poorly managed and under the supervision of these terrible people,” Paige wrote.

People were run over and walked and trampled on their feet. My brother tried to save my husband’s sister-in-law from these horrific acts I was subjected to during the operation in which he lost his life.

He described the Danish Paige as a beautiful soul who puts everyone before himself.

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Last night he showed his bravery to save my brother’s wife from those horrible things that were being done. I have lost words and am truly shocked by this event.

I was there and I couldn’t save my brother. People were hitting and shoving and they didn’t care about anyone’s life.

Page also accused the rapper of creating chaos by “inviting people on stage to jump into the audience” and “not stopping the show”.

Beck warned that this is not the end. My family and I will go to all lengths to make sure he is brought to justice. “

Danish Paige, 27

Danish Paige, 27

Bharti Shahani, 22

Bharti Shahani, a senior at Texas A&M University, died of injuries sustained at Astroworld.

Bharti Shahani, a senior at Texas A&M University, died of injuries sustained at Astroworld.

Shahani, a student at Texas A&M University, sustained serious injuries at Astroworld and was on a ventilator at Houston Methodist Hospital, where she was transferred after the concert.

She was declared brain dead and removed from the ventilator shortly thereafter. She was the ninth person to die from the crowd.

Her family said it was the first festival Shahani had ever attended.

“Bharti was a shining star in the community,” said her family’s attorney, James Lassetier.

A sister, daughter, and high-achieving college student, she was about to graduate from Texas A&M University with high and high grades.

Ezra Blount, 9

Blount was the tenth – and youngest – person to die from injuries sustained at Astroworld.

He had been run over at the concert, put into a medical coma and was on life support for a week before dying of his injuries.

The little boy spent the concert sitting on his father’s shoulders, Triston Blount.

Triston fainted from lack of oxygen, and once we regained consciousness, we were unable to locate his son.

By the time the couple were reunited, Blount had experienced swelling in his brain as well as “trauma to almost all organs”.

Ezra Blount (right) and his father, Triston Blount (left), photographed at Astroworld

Ezra Blount (right) and his father, Triston Blount (left), photographed at Astroworld

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