There are five long weekends and four bridge possibilities in 2024

In April, on Friday, the 26th, the bridge operator can rest for four days. April 25 – Independence Day – on Thursday.

Labor Day, Wednesday, May 1, and later this month, is a new opportunity to close the gap. The religious holiday of Corpo de Deus is Thursday, May 30.

Next month, another long weekend will be effective, Portugal Day, Monday, June 10.

Also during that week, on Thursday, St. Anthony’s Day is celebrated, a municipal holiday in many places around the country, especially in Lisbon.

As June 24 is Monday, places that celebrate St John’s Day and where it is a public holiday will have a long weekend before the end of the month.

In the third quarter of the year, a bridge is only possible for those who decide to take the Friday following August 15, the religious holiday of the Assumption of Our Lady, which is celebrated on a Thursday.

5th October, Republic Day, will be Saturday. Next month, however, there will be a new long weekend, as the holiday marking All Saints’ Day will be celebrated on Friday, November 1.

There will be no bridges or long weekends in the last month of 2024, with Independence Day, December 1, and Immaculate Conception Day, December 8, falling on a Sunday.

Christmas is in the middle of the week, Wednesday the 25th.

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