The United States has said Russia has agreed to meet with Anthony Blingen and Sergei Lavrov

“If there is no Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Russians have responded with proposed dates for next weekend, and we agree,” said a spokesman for US diplomat Nate Price.

“In the next few days, it will be clear that they will never take diplomacy seriously if the Russians invade Ukraine,” Bryce told reporters.

On Thursday, Anthony Blinken revealed his invitation to Sergei Lavrov that the United States has also proposed meetings of the Russia-North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Council and the Permanent Council of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

In his address to the United Nations (UN) Security Council, Blinken said the meetings would help reduce tensions and reach consensus on security concerns from all sides.

Ahead of the security conference in Munich, Germany, the foreign secretary again accused Moscow of plotting an immediate invasion of Ukraine and called on Russian officials to choose democracy.

Blingen also outlined Russia’s alleged plans to legalize and launch an invasion of Ukraine, including the capture of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev.

“In recent months, without provocation or justification, Russia has mobilized more than 150,000 troops around the borders of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and occupied Crimea. Russia says it will reduce those forces. [mas] We do not see it happening on the ground, ”the ambassador said.

According to the Foreign Secretary, the available information “clearly indicates that these forces, including ground forces, aircraft and ships, are preparing to launch an offensive against Ukraine in the coming days.”

In a speech before Blingen spoke, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Vershin stressed that Russia should not become a “circus” with baseless allegations that it is attacking Ukraine.

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Blinken’s comments were “very unfortunate and I would even say it was dangerous,” Versin later said, accusing Washington of escalating tensions in an already very complicated situation.

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