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3:49 pm: Mark Finsand of reported the specific financial details (on Twitter). McMahon will get $5 million this year, $9 million in 2023, $12 million in 2024-25, and $16 million each in 2026 and 2027. And in case he is ranked fifth in the MVP voting in any of the next three years , having the right to withdraw from the contract after the 2025 campaign. If he finishes in the top five in the MVP voting in 2025, he will have the possibility of withdrawing after 2026.

1:29 pm: Rocky and Wilder Ryan McMahon They agreed to the terms of a six-year contract extension that guaranteed McMahon $70 million, Tweets Jeff Bassan from ESPN. Wasserman represents McMahon.

Prior to entering into this new six-year agreement, McMahon was eligible to arbitrate for the second time in his career and Forecast by MLBTR contributor Matt Schwartz to earn $5.5 million next season. The contract purchases the last two arbitration seasons and four free-agent seasons. There’s no way to know exactly what McMahon would have earned in 2022-23 through arbitration, but using that projection and a rough estimate for the 2023 season, the contract pays McMahon about $13-14 million per free agent season. Terms are roughly in line with some of the older deals we’ve seen for concealers with four years of service, including Brandon belt (six years, $79 million) and Brandon Crawford (Six years, $75 million – also negotiated by Wasserman).

McMahon, 27, had the best season of his career on the plate and glove in 2021. He won the previous second round .254/.331/.449 with 23 times, 32 doubles, triples and six stolen bases (in eight attempts). Park-adjusted metrics such as wRC+ (95) and OPS+ (98) each felt McMahon’s overall contributions with the bats were a little south of the league average, but given the strength of his glove business, he proved to be very valuable.

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Not only did McMahon provide the Rockies with versatility, scoring 368 runs in second base and 842 runs in third base—he did so while playing both positions at award-worthy levels. McMahon scored a formidable nine defensive runs saved in a small sample of 368 runs at second base, and hit 13 DRS in the hot corner despite not playing a full slate of games there. Virtually any metric one might prefer would agree that McMahon was distinguished by leather; He posted Ultimate Zone ratings at 6.1 and 2.9 in third base and second base respectively, while Statcast attributed him to 10 points above average in third base and two more per second.

It’s easy to imagine a whole season of games in the hot corner in 2021 – Brendan Rodgers Expected to run the second base, with the free agent Jose Iglesias Take the reins at the shortstop and Chris Bryant He plays primarily on the left field – McMahon may find himself taking some hardware home for this defensive franchise. He made it to the Gold Glove final in 2021, although the man standing in his way is a very familiar face: longtime teammate and five-time Platinum Glover Nolan ArenadoNow with the cardinals.

Like any long-term deal, the signing isn’t without its risks for the Rockies. While McMahon’s solid defense and solid walking rate (9.9% in 2021; 10% in his career) give him high ground, offensive gains in 2021 should continue until the deal works out in Colorado’s favour.

McMahon boosted his production by cutting back on some of the obvious strike issues that had haunted him throughout his MLB tenure. From 2017-20, McMahon rebounded in 30.8% of his playlist appearances – including his career worst at 34.2% on the 2020 shortlisted playlist. That rate dropped to 24.7% more manageable in 2021. McMahon has always been Strength and a knack for making solid connections, so long as he can keep his punches low, there’s good reason to believe he can continue to be reasonably productive at bat – at least against a right throw. McMahon’s left swinger hit only .29/.312/.353 against the Southern Paws in 2021 (173 appearances for the board) is hitting his career .39/.310/.433) against opponents from the same hand.

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The Rockies underwent a front-office shuffle early in the 2021 season, sacking long-time general manager Jeff Pridich and elevating scouting manager Bill Schmidt to the GM position on a temporary basis. Rather than research and seek outside candidates, owner Dick Monfort instead dropped the “temporary” tag from Schmidt’s title before the season was over.

Schmidt, who had run the Rockies’ boy scouting division since 1999, quickly went to work ensuring that many of the Colorado roster members stayed in their positions. Trevor’s story Looks like he made his decision to move forward before the end of the year, and Rocks wasn’t able to properly influence John Gray In extension talks. However, they have also succeeded in brokering long-term deals for Antonio Cinzatella (Five years, $55 million), catcher Elias Diaz (Three years, $14 million) and now McMahon – in addition to re-signing the first primary officer CJ Crohn before it reaches the market (2 years $14.5 million). This group now joins the team’s marquee addition, Bryant, among the restructured Rockies’ core.

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