The Palestinian Authority accuses Israel of a “brutal massacre” in Gaza

In a statement, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry recorded dozens of martyrs and hundreds of injuries as a result of “deliberate firing” by the Israeli army.

The Palestinian government today accused Israel of a “brutal massacre” of civilians waiting for food deliveries in the northern Gaza Strip, killing 100 and injuring 700, according to local officials.

In a statement, the Palestinian Foreign Ministry recorded dozens of martyrs and hundreds of injuries as a result of “deliberate firing” by the Israeli army.

“This is an integral part of the occupation government's genocidal war against our people,” according to the same source, which added, “It has proven that Israel is not heeding international calls to protect civilians and in fact the opposite.” ”.

“This massacre is new proof of genocidal and aggressive policies of forced displacement of people, as well as new proof that the international community and the countries that support Israel have no alternative to an immediate cease-fire, the only way to protect civilians,” the note said.

For its part, the Presidency of the Palestinian Authority highlighted that “this mass killing of civilians in search of food is an integral part of the genocidal war waged by the occupying government against the Palestinian people.”

The president also demanded that Israeli authorities be held accountable before international courts for these “horrific crimes,” insisting that “Israeli occupation authorities must bear full responsibility” for what happened, Palestinian news agency WAFA reported.

The international community's silence has also been criticized, saying it encourages Israel to continue to “shed Palestinian blood”, necessitating “swift” international intervention to “stop the occupation”.

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Hours earlier, Gaza officials pointed out that the “terrible massacre” in Gaza City, which left more than 100 dead and 750 wounded, occurred “against the backdrop of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the people of the Gaza Strip.” “The occupation had a premeditated intention to commit this heinous massacre,” they added.

After the incident, the Israeli military indicated that “while delivering humanitarian aid with trucks in the north of the Gaza Strip, a violent incident occurred by Gaza residents who looted the equipment upon arrival.” “During the incident, dozens of Gaza residents were trampled and injured,” the same source said, promising that “the details of the incident are being reviewed.”

The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas was sparked by an unprecedented attack by the Palestinian Islamist group on Israeli soil on October 7, which left around 1,200 dead and more than two hundred hostages, Israeli officials said.

In retaliation, Israel launched an offensive in the Palestinian territories that has already caused more than 30,000 deaths, according to Hamas, classified as a terrorist organization by the European Union and the United States, which has controlled the territory since 2007.

Hamas says more than 700,000 people are starving as clashes continue in the Gaza Strip.

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