The New York mayor wants to censor social networks “drill” music

New York Mayor Eric Adams wants social networks to “drill” censorship of songs and music videos because he believes the rap genre is having an impact on increasing violence in the city.

The House Speaker’s proposal follows the murder of 18 – year – old local artist Jaikuan McKenzie, who was shot after leaving Brooklyn’s recording studio. The lawsuit, which follows authorities linking the gang and others to “drill” music, has been marked by frequent violent verses in Chicago over the past decade and has gained widespread popularity in other cities and countries.

“I don’t know what the drill was, but I called my son and he sent me some videos, and it was dangerous,” Eric Adams told a news conference Friday, arguing that action should be taken to stop social media. The spread of music style.

With gun violence on the rise in the United States, the New York mayor, who has made security his top priority, said he planned to meet with media outlets to make it clear that “there is a civic responsibility and business.” . “We were kicked out [o ex-Presidente Donald] What Trump is saying from Twitter, we still allow music, gunfire, violence to continue on these sites … “, lamented the Democratic politician.

Eric Adams, a former police officer, said he would like to meet practicing artists to report on how their music incites violence in many American communities.

This week, Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez warned in an interview with local channel Fox 5 that “drill rap videos incite violence between rival gangs” in the wake of several recent shootings by authorities in the neighborhood involving musicians of the genre. According to the official, “Music is not the cause of the violence, but it does provoke revenge.”

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Authorities say several of the songs deal with clashes and conflicts between groups and provoke fights and shootings with videos full of weapons and threats.

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