“The New Step”. Salvador Illa’s Socialist Party wins election in Catalonia

Without revealing the credibility of the government with whom he intends to negotiate, Salvador Illa highlighted the electoral victory of the Socialist Party of Catalonia (PSC). By electing 42 representatives to a 135-seat parliament.

“Catalans have decided that the PSC should lead this new phase,” he said to applause from a few dozen supporters at the party’s headquarters in Barcelona.

Illa also highlighted that This is the first time in history that the PSC has won votes and delegates at the same time in Catalan autonomy elections.The region asserts on several occasions that “today opens a new phase”.

For Salvador Illa, one of the “many factors” explaining the PSC’s success in Catalonia is the policy adopted by Pedro Sánchez, Prime Minister of Spain and leader of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE), for the region.

In a message published on the X network, the president of the Spanish government congratulated the leader of the Socialist Party of Catalonia “for this historic decision reached in Catalonia”.

“Socialists are again the first force. From today, a new era begins in Catalonia to improve the lives of citizensExpand rights and strengthen coexistence”, announced Sanchez.

The Socialist leader wrote in Catalan: “Catalonia is ready to realize a new future and live a time of hope.”

Puigdemont ready to form “solid government”.

In a statement in Catalan from the south of France, the former autonomous president, the left-wing Republican Party of Catalonia (ERC), said he had an arrest warrant pending in Spain. “The consequences of unity and the lack of a common strategy are willing to engage in this reflection” Independents include your party.

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Puigdemont declared himself “in a position to form a solid government” and said he would dedicate “the next hours and days” to the task.

JxCat (middle right) Achieved 35 representatives in the Catalan ‘Parliament’Three more than in 2021, 21.64%, almost 99% of votes were counted.

The president of JxCAt criticized the possibility of a so-called “triple government” of the left – the Socialists, the winners of the Catalan elections, the ERC and Comuns Somar, who have been in government until now – “such a “fair majority”.

“It continues to be a bad choice for the Catalan government,” he opined.

Rather than regional impact, These elections can determine the stability of the national government. A victory for Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s Socialists could usher in a new era after a decade of separatist governments.

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