The Lisbon Municipal Assembly approves the PCP’s condolence vote for war victims in Ukraine. PSD and PS say the vote is “disgraceful”

Apart from PSD and PS voting, BE, PAN, IL, CDS-PP, Livre and Independent Vice President Daniela Serralha (from Cidadãos por Lisboa elected by the PS / Livre coalition) did not vote.

According to the PCP’s municipal council vote, “condolences to the victims of violence and war in Ukraine, the most recent and since 2014”, received votes against the MPT, Aliança, Chega and vice. PS of Maria da Croza Ferreira.

In addition to the PCP, municipal committees and independent members of the PEV and PPM voted in favor of Miguel Graça (from Cidadãos por Lisboa, elected by the PS / Livre coalition).

The city council also approved the condolences of both Liverey and MPT for the victims of the war crimes in the Ukrainian city of Pucha, both of which were recognized by a vote in favor of the PCP and others. PSD for the death of Lithuanian director Mandas Kvedarovicius, who died on Saturday in Mariupol, Ukraine, where he documented the war.

The PCP’s condolence vote begins with “an end to the eight-year-old war in Ukraine that should not have been started.”

“News spread from Ukrainian authorities and the accusation of ‘war crimes’ in Pucha was amplified by the propaganda machine surrounding the war in Ukraine, as well as Russian accusations that it was an act of manipulation.

In a verbal explanation to justify not voting, the PCB accused the Socialists of trying to “correct” their position of “supporting the invasion of Ukrainian soil in Europe” by saying that they did not see themselves as “war criminals”. . In quotes “.

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“What we see in Ukraine are war crimes, the deaths we see on television every day. Whitewashing the Russian invasion “, but he did not vote against it because it is a pity for the victims.

From the PSD bench, Louis Newton considered the PCP vote “disgraceful” and questioned “how are those who want to cover up what’s happening at the end of this time”.

“The continuing human rights abuses, the massacres, the mass graves, the destruction of private property and the mass deaths on the streets of various Ukrainian cities deserve a clear rejection vote from all democratic political forces, without attempting to clarify their position. , Russia’s “barbaric invasion” of the suffering of the Ukrainian people, prolonged by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

IL Vice President Angelique da Teresa called the PCP’s condolence vote “a great opportunity to remain silent”, noting that the reference to “war crimes in quotes” was not understood.

“There is no denying the horrors that are now taking place in Ukraine,” said Jose Inacio Faria, an MPT deputy for the MPT. .

Aliana Municipal Vice President Jorge Nuno Cha Allianza, who voted against, accused the PCP of “trying to find justifications for what could not be justified”, saying it was “evidence of cynicism and hypocrisy”.

PPM vice-president Gonçalo da Câmara Pereira voted in favor because “the PPM never voted, nor will it vote against any vote of regret.”

Following the vote, PCB deputy Natasha Amaro explained the use of quotation marks in two votes of condolence for the victims in the Ukrainian city of Pucha. That region ”. He recalled that the United Nations had already called for an independent inquiry into Pucha’s death.

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“The United Nations wants to investigate and find out exactly what happened. The majority of the people here in this legislature already know exactly what happened and there is no need to investigate anything else,” the Communist deputy said, reinforcing the vote. Grief is upon the victims, so “it is unacceptable to be questioned.”

Natasha Amaro said this regret had nothing to do with the issue of separating the PCB from other political groups, but argued that it was “inappropriate” to “analyze the facts” and look at what led to the situation we are in. In Ukraine, including “more than 15,000 deaths in the Donbass region between 2014 and 2021”, as well as “the highest casualties of this war”.

Russia launched a military offensive in Ukraine on February 24 that killed at least 1,480 civilians, including 165 children, and wounded 2,195, including 266 minors. Very high.

The war has already left an undeclared number of military casualties and more than 11 million dead, of which 4.2 million went to neighboring countries.

It was the worst refugee crisis in Europe since World War II (1939-1945) and the United Nations estimates that about 13 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

The Russian invasion was generally condemned by the international community, which responded by sending arms to Ukraine and strengthening economic and political sanctions on Moscow.

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