The kidnapper was killed and the hostages were released at an American synagogue

The dream came true at a synagogue in Coleville. At least four people were abducted inside the Beth Israel synagogue. One of them is Rabbi.

The first hostage, who had been detained for more than six hours, was released Saturday in good health, as the FBI continued to negotiate with the suspect involved in the crime.

Several media outlets have reported that the suspect is said to be the brother of a Pakistani neurologist who is suspected of having links with an Islamic militant group for the crime of attempting to assassinate US military and FBI agents while in custody in Afghanistan.

The kidnapper demanded the release of his sister, who is serving a 86-year prison sentence in Texas.

The event led to increased police security at several synagogues and synagogues in major US cities such as Dallas, New York and Los Angeles, to detect an anti-Semitic threat that could arise from what happened in Goliville.

President Biden’s reaction

The U.S. president welcomed the release of hostages from a Texas synagogue and said details of the kidnapper’s motive were still pending and needed to condemn the “rise of anti-Semitism and extremism” in the country.

“I am grateful for the tireless work of the security forces at all levels who worked collaboratively and courageously to rescue the hostages. We extend our love and strength to the members of Beth Israel, Goliville and the Jewish community, ”Joe Biden said Saturday night.

Biden wanted to “be clear” to anyone who wanted to spread hatred in the country: “We will oppose the rise of anti-Semitism and extremism.”

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Earlier, the local police chief said investigators believed the suspect was “focused on an issue that did not particularly threaten the Jewish community.”

According to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, all the hostages in the Beth Israel congregation in the United States are “safe”, and local police say the kidnapper was killed.

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