The Giants made an offer for Brandon Nemo

This would come as little consolation to Giants fans, but the team had an offer on the table for the best remaining free outfielder Brandon Nemo Before he finished re-signing with the Mets for eight years and $162 million, according to Mike Puma of the New York Post. As the Puma notes, it appears that once owner Steve Cohen got involved personally, Nemo’s return to the Mets was quickly realized. It is not known what terms the giants gave Nimmo.

He is the second consecutive outfielder the Giants have missed, after aggressively going after him Aaron Judge before eventually returning to New York in a nine-year, $360 million deal. They added Mitch Haniger on a three-year, $43.5 million deal, but since the start of the off-season, they’ve been firmly tied to the top free agents. They could still sign one, and they’re one of the teams (along with the Twins and Cubs, at the John Hyman of the New York Post) is highly rumored to be running Carlos Correa.

The stadium has been a focus for Baseball Operations Chief Farhan Al-Zaidi this winter. Hanegger’s addition strengthens their group, but Zaidi wanted two signings on the field. Now that they’re missing the two obvious top picks available, it will be interesting to see if they look for another outfielder, or go with a combination of Haniger, Austin Slater And the Mike Yastrzemsky and diverting their resources to other options such as Correa, or the starting pitcher.

If they go through with their plans to add another outside player, Andrew Benintende It is probably the best free proxy available right now. MLBTR Sign a four-year, $54 million deal for him, and given the Giants’ payroll space, it’s possible they could go after someone like that while still having space to pursue a long-term deal with Korea. They can also look to the trading market, and approach pirates about a deal to bring in Brian Reynolds Back to the team that drafted him in 2016. While Reynolds is set to make just $6.75 million in 2023, he’s been under the club’s grip for three more seasons, and it looks like Pittsburgh has a high price to ask.

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The Giants have an expected payroll of around $139M as things go, but they also have in the region of $60M+ off the books at the end of next season. Since their payroll has stretched north of $200 million in recent seasons, they have plenty of room to make a number of additions over the next season or two.

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