The Forbidden West Dominates UK Cities In Pushing Advertising

Forbidden horizon west It’s coming out in a couple of days, and Sony wants the ignorance to know about it. This morning the company’s UK division began posting screenshots from various billboards across the UK with Aloy affixed to them. She was joined by Slitherfang in Glasgow, she accompanied Tremortusk in Leeds, and she faced Schelsnaber in Manchester. The main hub, though, is in London. Several major art pieces have been placed throughout the capital’s Odeon Cinema.

This is the same PlayStation section that London Underground station names changed According to the characters related to the brand. You can temporarily visit the likes of Ratchet & Clankaster Gate, Miles End, and our personal favorite: Horizon Forbidden West Ham.

We totally recommend playing the sequel when it launches on PS5 and PS4 this Friday. We gave the game a 9/10 in Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Review. “Overall, Horizon Forbidden West is a huge improvement over its predecessor. The map is diverse and full of stunning scenery; the characters and conversations are much better; and the already great gameplay has been improved with new weapons, more options, and better combat.”

To pass the time until its launch, will you go out and find one of these billboards? We’ve spotted advertisements in other locations across the UK – on the sides of buses – so you may not need to go far to see some of them.

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