The Air Force says the transport crew made the right decision to leave Kabul airport amid a chaotic retreat

“The air crew pilot and his quick thinking ensured the safety of the crew and their plane,” she said.

distance Chaotic event on August 16 – Filmed on video showing Afghans clinging to planes as they flew over the runway – The Air Force assigned its Special Investigations Office to look into the incident. The service at that time said OSI planned to review snapshots And social media posts relating to fleeing civilians rushing onto the flight line, many of which made headlines and dominated news segments around the world, show Afghans risking their safety to flee the country hours after Kabul fell to the Taliban.

Other military offices have conducted their own investigations, including defense staff offices within Air Mobility Command, which oversees the service’s transport fleet, and US Central Command, the authority that oversees US military operations in the Middle East.

Stefanik said the two orders “provided the consensus view that the aircrew was in compliance with the applicable rules of engagement of the event and the General Law of Armed Conflict.”

She said Qatar’s law enforcement authorities have not pursued their own investigations. She said crew members had returned to duty after receiving services to “help deal with any trauma caused by this unprecedented experience”. Our hearts are with the families of the dead.

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