Taylor Swift sparks backlash and ridicule after she releases a list of private jet polluters

Over-celebrity has been a hot topic of discussion lately with Kylie Jenner draw attention To the huge amount of pollution emitted by the wealthy, after she used her private plane for a 17-minute flight, and then followed her Instagram share Brag about her ability to travel to the grocery store.

Jenner has been described as a “climate criminal”, with Instagram and Twitter users expressing frustration with public efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle, which are being blown up by private jet fumes.

Now, a UK based sustainable marketing company yard She compiled a ranked list of celebrity “climate criminals”, with Taylor Swift topping the list, with her plane making at least 170 flights in 2022 and totaling 8,293 tons of carbon dioxide, according to Yard data.

Swift immediately overtook Jenner as the face of the problem, though many responded with astonishment as much as outrage; After all, excessive and criminal indulgence is baked into the Kardashian-Jenner brand, while Swift has developed a more popular image. The inconsistency remained impressive, and Swift quickly became the subject of ridicule.

Twitter users started posting fake Swift tweets imagining the singer had an intense hatred for environmentalism, while others jokingly referred to Swift’s lyrics Which reminds planes.

In response to the backlash, Swift’s acting clarified rolling rock That the singer’s planes were not always used by her, saying:

“The Taylor plane is regularly loaned out to other individuals. Attributing most or all of these flights to it is grossly incorrect.”

The clarification comes as no surprise – despite her homely personality, fans understand that Swift is just as ruthless as the Kardashian-Jenners’ entrepreneur.

On the subreddit Taylor Swift fan, r/TaylorSwift, fans Express his disappointment In the singer, noting that lending Swifts to others wasn’t the goal – it’s allowing Swifts to dump carbon payloads into our skies, and the singer seems to be making no effort to reduce carbon emissions.

It was the opposite reaction from some fans and simply refused to acknowledge the problem, calling the listing “misinformation”.

One dedicated fan even posted their own list on Twitter, highlighting Swift’s supposed contributions to protecting the environment. Said’s list included the fact that Swift sold one of her two private jets, and it emphasized the singer’s love for penguins; The topic was quickly deleted after everyone on the internet laughed at it.

Of course, Swift wasn’t the only “climate criminal” on the list. Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Jay-Z were placed second and third, respectively, while Alex Rodriguez, Blake Shelton, Steven Spielberg, Kim Kardashian, Mark Wahlberg, Oprah Winfrey and Travis Scott made up the rest of the polluters (ironically, Kylie Jenner wasn’t Never. Already made the list).

In response to the published data on his wasted flights, Drake Try too To put things into perspective, by telling fans that his three ridiculously short trips actually had no one on, which didn’t completely reduce the backlash.

The rich and famous do not seem interested in reducing their emissions, only in making excuses for them; Public access to flight data should be a real headache – celebrities definitely want to unleash their emissions.

But as heat records continue to explode, and the air thickens with smoke, those cute little straws and recycled sorting bins just won’t cut it—the public tossing water balloons at the house fire, while the wealthy are tossing gasoline.

A sudden change in the hearts of celebrities won’t happen, but they may be pressured to reduce their outrageous waste; After all, approval and validation are one of the few things the public can snatch away from them.

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