Taiwan is trying to recover 600 containers from a sunken ship in the south

oh The ship, named Angel and flying the flag of Palau, a small country in Micronesia, sank when anchored about five kilometers from the exit of Kaohsiung port on Thursday, CNA reported.

19 crew members were able to abandon ship, he added.

Taiwanese authorities, supported by 17 ships, are trying to recover the containers, many of which are floating in waters near the Linyuan area and Donggang municipality.

The Taiwan International Ports Corporation, which manages port operations, estimated it could take up to five days to pull the containers out of the water, depending on sea conditions.

As of Saturday, only 26 people had been rescued, and containers were blocking local fishing boats and damaging their equipment.

A team will inspect the ship today and remove the fuel to prevent a leak.

Yet according to CNA, the cargo ship has nearly 500 metric tons of fuel.

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