“Syrian butcher” missing in Russia Was it ousted by Putin, shot down by the Ukrainians or removed by the Kremlin? – Viewer

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If General Dornikov was never appointed, General Dornikov could not be removed.. Moscow has never confirmed the information released by Western countries, and now the silence remains the same. On the weekends of April 9 and 10 (days 45 and 46 of the war), US intelligence reported that the general’s nickname “Syria’s butcher” had been selected to lead the war in Ukraine. Now, the same sources are quoted The New York Times, They say The General has been missing for two weeks. The Independent Russian Investigative Group had already warned in late May that Dvornikov would no longer command Russian troops.

General Will be replaced by Janet Jitko, As stated in it Conflict Investigation Team (CIT), a group of bloggers dedicated to investigating the regime of Russian President Vladimir Putin, collaborating with various international media outlets such as the BBC, Sky News, Reuters agency or Der Spiegel. As with other information, this command change has not been confirmed by the Kremlin.

Wise, strategic, credible: Who is Alexander Dvornikov, Putin’s new man to lead the war?

The question arises as to what happened Alexander Vladimirovich Dvornikov. Known as “Syrian Butcher”, During the war in that country, one of his first orders was an assassination: a missile attack on a railway station in Kramatorsk, in which more than 50 civilians, including 5 children, were killed when he gained control of the troops in Ukraine, causing civilian casualties in Aleppo.

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Dvornikov is a Russian war veteran and a veteran soldier with experience in Syria, which is not uncommon among Russian generals. As already Wrote the Institute for War Studies (ISW), I think thank you In the United States, all current Russian military district commanders have done at least one mission in Syria.

“Rotation of senior officers while on duty in Syria appears to be Russian military policy” Mason Clark, Carolina Hirt and George Burroughs – ISW researchers – wrote when Dvornikov was elected. They underlined that the general was the most senior of the three military district commanders involved in the invasion, and that Moscow was concentrating its war effort in the Donbass area, which the army had already commanded. They argued that “if Putin had chosen another official to lead the whole war effort, he would have replaced Dvorniko.”

Ukrainian officials say there is Removed twelve Russian generals Since February 24, the date on which Vladimir Putin ordered the invasion of the country – a number that surprises military analysts, because it is not uncommon for many high-ranking officials to be removed by the enemy.

In most cases, some confirmed, some controversial, Ukraine released the identities of dead generals. Dvornikov’s name has not yet appeared on any list. The Ukrainian army can be expected to announce his death if the general is shot dead.

What is another hypothesis in the table The Kremlin fired him. Everyone knows that Vladimir Putin has a habit of repelling his enemies. The problem with this hypothesis is that Dvornikov and the Russian president appear to be close, and there can be no obvious reason for the disagreement between the two.

The Conflict Intelligence team said that while General Shidko was in charge of military operations in Ukraine, he did not know the reason for Dvornikov’s disappearance. The command of the army, which is a reflection of the strategy used in Syria, may be the simplest and most obvious explanation.

The only confirmation is that General Dvornikov has not been seen for almost two weeks. Not on the ground or in the Kremlin.

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