Steven Spielberg to direct the movie based on the character ‘Bullitt’ – Deadline

except: Even as he competes in the award season campaign for West side story And post-production on his semi-autobiographical picture fablemans, Steven Spielberg Looking forward to getting the future dance card in order. Sources tell Deadline that it’s tied up with directing a new original story centered around Frank bulitThe character he played, Steve McQueen In the thriller 1968 bulit. Spielberg also produced a pic alongside Kristi McCusco Krieger, with Josh Singer On the plane to write text. The movie was made in Warner Bros..

Sources add that with no scripts and deals to be finalized, this likely won’t be Spielberg’s next project.

Sources insisted that this is not a remake of the original movie but rather a new idea centered around the character. In the original film, Frank Bullitt is a no-nonsense San Francisco cop looking for the gang leader who murdered his witness. The film is considered one of McQueen’s most iconic roles, and presents one of the most famous car chase scenes in cinema history.

Steve McQueen’s son Chad and granddaughter Molly McQueen will produce the new film.

Insiders say Spielberg has been toying with the idea of ​​making a movie based on the character for some time and last year came close to making him a follow-up. west side story, But he heads to negotiate with the McQueens for the rights to the character before he catches up with her as a director. With negotiations taking longer than expected, Spielberg shifted his focus to directing fablemans, The movie is loosely based on the director’s childhood growing up in Arizona, and he moved on from that movie.

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Once the film is wrapped fablemanswent back to the Bullitt project and recently used Singer to write the script.

Spielberg is already off to a good start to the year West side story It recently received seven Academy Award nominations, including nominations for Best Director and Best Picture. As for the fabelmann-This pic bows out at Thanksgiving.

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