Seneca. Bagmuth is a “children’s army” led by a poet who fights to avoid falling into the hands of the Russians – Spectator

“I finished school, worked for a year, and the war began.” At just 19 years old, Vadim Adamov became a professional Flying dronesThis is one of the tasks occupied in the unit Seneca, It is part of the 93rd Mechanized Brigade in the Ukrainian Army. This time, the young man is fighting in the hot spot of the war in Ukraine, Bagmut, which may come under Russian control in the near future. Capture of the east of the city has already been claimed by the Wagner sub-military group, but Kiev promises not to give up anytime soon.

The unit is guaranteed to be free of defects. “Our big advantage is that, as children, we are very reckless and can do things that other people think twice about,” says Vadim. As quoted by El Mundo newspaper. Made up of about 60 elements, the team is dedicated to finding “technological and innovative solutions” in the 93rd Squadron. “Soldiers, military experts, experts and activists united to accelerate the victory of Ukraine. Our mission is to create a tactical advantage in some areas of the front line by using non-standard technological solutions”, This is detailed on Seneca’s website.

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