Russian secret services claim to have shot down Ukrainian saboteurs

The FSB and the Russian Defense Ministry “prevented a Ukrainian intelligence and sabotage group from attempting to enter Russian territory.”A statement cited by Russian news agencies pointed to Moscow’s secret services.“Four saboteurs were killed,” the FSB added, without specifying the date of the operation.

would have been discoveredAccording to the FSB, “Foreign Arms, Explosives, Communication and Navigational Equipment”, Addl Drones With Russian government emblems and labels stating “Property of Russian FSB”..

Such materials, the Federal Security Service maintains, “provide preparations for acts of provocation and sabotage on Russian territory”.

“Subversive Group”
Bryansk Governor Alexander Bogomas said on Tuesday Russian forces infiltrated the border area with a Ukrainian “subversive group”.. France Press writes that it cannot be confirmed if this is the same incident that the FSB is referring to.

According to the Russian governor, “no one was injured,” but there were reports of damage to industrial facilities after the Ukrainian bombings.

Fighting and shelling also affected several villages near the border with Ukraine. According to Russian officials, many civilians died.

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