Russian activist who helped repatriate Ukrainians dies in prison

A News of the death of 61-year-old Demidenko was reported by the supposedly independent media, the website Vasni Istori ('Important Stories'), in prison no. 3, reported that the activist died on Friday. , his lawyer got the news only when he went to see him today.

for now The cause of death of Alexander Demidenko, who has been in detention since October 2023, is unknown.After being charged with illegal possession of weapons.

So says the above website The activist should be transferred to St. Petersburg in the next few daysJustice officials expect the charges to be aggravated.

After the start of the Ukrainian war, Demidenko helped Ukrainian refugees cross the border, sheltering many of them in his home.

According to other volunteers, the activist was detained at the border post by the popular militants and turned up a few days later with multiple injuries on his body.

A hand grenade from the 1940s was found in his house, leading to two sentences of 10 and 30 days in 'administrative' jail, after which criminal proceedings were opened against him for illegal possession of arms.

The wife of Alexander Demidenko said the World War II grenade the activist had found on the grounds of her home, although she had no chance to inform the authorities.

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